Sunday, December 11, 2011

White Rabbit Press

If you love Japanese stuff as much as I do, then you will love White Rabbit Press!  White Rabbit Press is a nifty little site that allows you to get anything you want from Japan. A few Christmases ago my ever so thoughtful Fiance got me a whole box full of Japanese goodies. I'll list a few of my favs below.

Japanese Bath Powder

This Awesome little packet of magic is Japanese Bath Powder and it will transform any ordinary bath into your own personal onsen (well sort of). These packets come in many different scents and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they turned my bath water into pretty colors as well. The website says that the packs are filled with minerals found at actual hot springs all over Japan. I would recommend these to anyone, they are my favorite item and I would LOVE to have a lifetime supply.

Calligraphy Brush Pen

I love this pen because it makes me feel like I write beautifully even when I know I don't. I would recommend this brush pen to anyone who enjoys writing in English or Japanese. I think it would even be a great tool for drawing.

Salad Flavor Potato Sticks

Who doesn't love yummy Salad Sticks? These were good, its something worth trying if you want something different. I enjoyed these and would order them again.

Now I would like to show you some things I want. In reality I would be showing you the whole site considering I want everything , but I'll restrict myself to only a few things.

Popin! Cookin! Sushi Set!

I think this is so cool. Apparently its a candy making kit that makes candy in the shape of Sushi. Now I thought the candy would look pretty neat but i had no idea it would turn out like this....

That is how the candy is suppose to look when your done... how cool! I can't wait to order this item and try it out with my friends.

Japanese Spice Mixture

I love to cook and experiment with all kinds of different spices so I really want to try out this new seven spice chili pepper mix.  I think I could cook up some pretty awesome stuff with this.

Ningengakki (human interments)

This neat little toy looks like loads of fun! I think this would be a blast with our friends.
I think the video will explain it best.

So there are some of my wants. Like I said before I have so much more I want to get and blog about but for tonight that is all. Hopefully I will get to write about more cool  items in the near future. In the mean time feel free to visit or
Good Night


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  2. Good to see you are still thinking of doing Japan still. There's another blog that helps people who are in Japan to do various things like buy cold medicine.

    You will find some quirks, like clothes sizes, no meds during pregnancy, weak medicines ( certain stuff that's norm in usa is outlawed there pretty much), and watch out for msg which is still fairly popular in Asian countries XD I still eat it, but i hear it's pretty harmful or something!

  3. Hello! Nice to meet you. Our blogs are so similar and so different. :) I'm on a journey to try to get to Japan too, but I've got nothing, haha! XD

    I will have to spend some time making a wishlist on Amazon Japan I think. :D I like all the Japanese products you've shown!

    I will follow your blog, because it's very interesting!

  4. Mindy, its nice to have someone comment and I'm glad you took the time to stop by my blog! Thanks for the link I will definitely check it out. I did not realize people in japan didn't take any medication when pregnant.

  5. Alyse, Nice to meet you to. I briefly glanced at your blog (while my toddler let me lol) and it looks pretty neat, I'll definitely keep reading. Amazon Japan is great, I'm currently waiting to place an order on Dora in Japanese for my daughter. I could spend hours browsing on their site.